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Turkey v Germany
by Matt Parkins, 10 years ago (19.37 on Tuesday, 24th of June, 2008) |  permalink  |  Comments?


"Turkey are decimated through injuries and suspensions, with nine players unavailable for the semi-final. Coach Fatih Terim said he may even need third keeper Tolgan Zengin to play outfield, so short is he of players!"

I once went to Corfu (Greece) - I wonder if that makes me eligible - I'd be happy to play! Looks like Germany have a bye to the final !

Euro 2008: Italy out
by Matt Parkins, 10 years ago (21.31 on Sunday, 22nd of June, 2008) |  permalink  |  1 comment

Thank goodness the Italians are out - such negative play should never be rewarded. Germany will probably still win it, but I'd love Turkey to make it to the final and win it with yet another last minute goal. Russia v Spain looks like being an excellent match, but I think we'll be looking at Germany vs Spain in the final with the Spanish unable to break down the Germans and unable to stop their attacking strength.

Moving to York
by Matt Parkins, 10 years ago (12.24 on Sunday, 18th of May, 2008) |  permalink  |  2 comments

Over the past few weeks Jo & I have met up with the leaders of York Elim church and, following an interview last Saturday and visiting the church last Sunday, we have been invited to take up a ministry post with them as of June 1st. This will tie in well with ordination in Elim as I have finished the application process and, should all the references get back in the next few days, we should have a selection interview in mid-June.

We are very happy to be moving to such a vibrant church and very much look forward to moving to such a lovely place as York. It is ideally situated between the different homes of our extended family.

Needless to say we have been busy since accepting the post attempting to secure good accommodation ASAP. We may well have to wait until July to move in and commute in from Scarborough as most of the properties in York become vacant after that time. Other than finding a new house over the next two weeks I'm also just finishing off and tidying up a couple of websites and finally releasing that facebook app I've been working on. Phew!

I think we're in for a few busy years, God willing: baby number 2, new ministry, new city and a Minister in Training (MiT as it is called).

Baby number 2 on the way!
by Matt Parkins, 10 years ago (14.35 on Wednesday, 14th of May, 2008) |  permalink  |  3 comments

We are pleased to announce that we are expecting baby number 2! The baby is due December 2nd.

For those of you that haven't already worked it out: Yes, we conceived in Australia, though we didn't know about the pregnancy until we arrived back in the UK.

Three mobile offer
by Matt Parkins, 10 years ago (09.41 on Wednesday, 30th of April, 2008) |  permalink  |  Comments?

If you sign up to 3 we get £30 credit each. (Click here to find out more).

Just click here for the three mobile refer a friend £30 offer
or call 08707 330 383 and mention my mobile number (07853291306) when you sign up and we both get £30 credit to spend on texts and voice calls. Or ringtones. Or games. Or music downloads. Or video calls. Or anything else you fancy. And, you'll get a shiny new phone too.

Scarlett dancing
by Matt Parkins, 10 years ago (08.34 on Thursday, 17th of April, 2008) |  permalink  |  3 comments

Interestingly an hour after I posted this or so I got an email from YouTube:

UMG has claimed some or all audio content in your video Scarlett Dancing. This claim was made as part of the YouTube Content Identification program. Your video is still live because UMG has authorized the use of this content on YouTube. As long as UMG has a claim on your video, they will receive public statistics about your video, such as number of views. Viewers may also see advertising on your video's page.

Claim Details: Copyright owner: UMG
Content claimed: Some or all of the audio content
Policy: Allow this content to remain on YouTube. Place advertisements on this video's watch page.
Applies to these locations: Everywhere

UMG claimed this content as a part of the YouTube Content Identification program. YouTube allows partners to review YouTube videos for content to which they own the rights. Partners may use our automated video / audio matching system to identify their content, or they may manually review videos.

Sincerely, The YouTube Content Identification Team


Entirely automated copyright identification and process - I was quite impressed...

Ubuntu 8.04
by Matt Parkins, 10 years ago (07.11 on Thursday, 17th of April, 2008) |  permalink  |  Comments?

I've just found out the next version of Ubuntu is out soon!

A little cutie follows me
by Matt Parkins, 10 years ago (12.40 on Tuesday, 15th of April, 2008) |  permalink  |  Comments?

A careful man I ought to be,
A little cutie follows me.
I dare not go astray,
For fear she'll go the self-same way.

I cannot once escape her eyes,
Whatever she sees me do, she tries.
Like me, she says, she's going to be,
The little girl who follows me.

She thinks that I am good and fine,
Believes in every word of mine.
The base in me she must not see,
That little girl who follows me.

I must remember as I go,
Thru summers' sun and winters' snow.
I am building for the years to be,
In the little girl who follows me.

by Rev. Claude Wisdom White, Sr

(apologies for the adaptation from male to female)

The poll has closed!
by Matt Parkins, 10 years ago (08.25 on Tuesday, 8th of April, 2008) |  permalink  |  Comments?

Official results of the 'what should I call my theo blog?' poll are in! They have been independently verified despite rumours of vote rigging and voter harassment:

8 vote(s):
6 vote(s):
1 vote(s): either
0 vote(s): neither
0 vote(s):

Despite looking like we'd need a run off, has secured a majority 53% of the vote so I guess we have a winner!

Poll update
by Matt Parkins, 10 years ago (08.43 on Monday, 31st of March, 2008) |  permalink  |  Comments?

Well the 'what-should-i-call-my-new-site' poll is pretty darned even right now. As of writing I have 5 votes for TheologyInPencil, 4 for OneManThinking and 1 for either.

Looks like opinion is as split as mine is on the subject !

So just one week to go on the poll...

This week I'm filling in application forms, writing 10 short theological essays and reading about the history of Elim as I prepare to apply to become a minister in training with them (an MIT - like being an Ordinand in the CofE). There's actually a lot to do so I'm putting my head down and getting on with it (after I've posted this of course!). I also have a get-to-know-you meeting on Friday with one of the executive guys in charge of the process for us so your prayers for that would be appreciated.

New Poll - what should I call my new site?
by Matt Parkins, 10 years ago (06.56 on Saturday, 29th of March, 2008) |  permalink  |  Comments?

I'm writing a new website to separate my theological reflections, sermon transcriptions/downloads, quotes that have made me think, and book notes from this family oriented site - I just want photos, fun, stories and general family stuff here - mainly because I think that's why most people come to the site! The idea behind the theo site is that I can advertise & monetise it, but mainly for it to be a good place for my processing and even book notes. I'll move all our sermon audio downloads there also.

But what do I call my new site? Well there's been a couple of suggestions: As in 'always write your theology in pencil' - I used to love this saying as it meant 'be prepared to be challenged & changed' but I think for some people it means you can't believe something for definite - so it could be a cause of confusion! Jo had a dream a few years back where I wrote a site with the function that this new site will have and called it OneManThinking. Initially I hated the name and didn't see the need for it. A couple of years later I can see the need for the site and don't hate the name!

Something else? Send me (or comment) your suggestion! Make your selection in the poll on the right hand side of this site! (Here's a link to if you're reading via RSS).

The site itself is nearly complete. Completely custom written and no login required for comments (using some kind of ip trust/ban system I'm writing along with a captcha) - I'm quite proud of it so far! :)

Lay off Beckham (and Crouch)
by Matt Parkins, 10 years ago (10.14 on Thursday, 27th of March, 2008) |  permalink  |  1 comment

"England striker Michael Owen insists David Beckham is good enough to carry on and add to his 100 England caps." (from

Ok, first Owen should be retiring, not Beckham. Owen hasn't had a good match in years - I think it made the news when he scored for Newcastle recently. I've just read The Times review of the game and I can't believe how they're singling out Beckham's performance and the media continues their campaign to have him permanently removed from the squad.

I actually thought Beckham was one of the better English players on the field last night, and Bentley, apparently his future replacement, looked weak. Whenever Beckham had the ball England looked like they could do something with it which is more than you could say for Gerrard, Rooney, Downing, either Cole or Brown put together. Barry was ok, but got caught up the field too many times for a holding midfielder. Again, with Crouch the media aren't impressed but he was the only striker able to hold up the ball, create some space and make the French defence think - The Times gave him 4/10.

England were dismal though - I just think the blame lay squarely at playing 1 up front and with Gerrard & Cole failing to link the midfield with the attack.

All that said, France were equally poor and had once decent chance which was converted. Still at least they were missing Henry, Sah & Viera, England don't have anyone else... (please no Lampard)

Reverse Culture Shock
by Jo Parkins, 10 years ago (08.01 on Thursday, 27th of March, 2008) |  permalink  |  Comments?

We arrived back in England safe and sound very early on Wednesday morning. The weather was a mere 4 degrees C which was a bit of a shock after leaving behind a nice Aussie day of 26 degrees and a balmy singapore too. We were greeted by both sets of parents and my brother, which was very touching. Jetlag hasn't been too bad at all this time - amazingly Scarlett's body clock is only 2 hours out of sync so that's great!
The reality of life here hasn't sunk in yet; I can't quite get my head around the fact that we're not in Australia anymore. It's a surprise to see the trees without any leaves on and people wrapped up in hats, gloves and scarfs. There aren't any gum trees with lorikeets, galahs or cockatoos to look at here, and then there are the basic settling in things to be worked out like 'where's the local park?'. Soon enough this will all feel normal, but right now I'm back to feeling like an alien in a strange land!

Nature's Wonders
by Jo Parkins, 10 years ago (10.21 on Friday, 7th of March, 2008) |  permalink  |  Comments?

This evening I went outside to water the plants with Scarlett's bath water as I often do (we have a drought here), but because it is getting dark earlier these days I was outside at just the moment when the bats come inland at dusk. I stood and watched thousands of bats silently and gracefully fly over our neighbourhood. It was quite eerie, but beautiful too.
I need to point out for any non-Aussie readers that I'm not talking about the cute little things that flit across the skies in the UK - the bats over here are BIG. Think crow-sized. Now think of thousands of them all at once. That's why I was impressed!

by Jo Parkins, 10 years ago (09.08 on Wednesday, 5th of March, 2008) |  permalink  |  2 comments

Yesterday Matt & I noticed a young bird on our front path. It was one of the many brightly coloured 'lorikeets' that often fly over our house. Sadly this one was too young to fly and it was looking very lost! Its parents were keeping a watchful eye over it nearby, but we were concerned for its safety on the ground because of all the neighbourhood cats. The little guy hid in our bushes for a while then in an attempt to get to its mummy and daddy it ended up in the front drive of the kindergarten next door to us!
Convinced it would get squashed by small children or their mummy's cars, I called the animal rescue place to see if there was anything we could do and they said if it's still there in the morning, we could take it in to them to look after.
This morning I went looking for coloured feathers on the ground, concerned that if it had survived the preschoolers, it would have been eaten by cats in the night, but there it was, looking up at me as if to say 'Hello again, I'm still here!'. Its mummy and daddy were close by, so it had probably been given its breakfast, but as it was too young to fly, it stood little chance of survival in the urban world, so I put a towel over it, put it in a box, and we took it to the animal rescue centre.
The nice people at the rescue centre said the birds have been having babies at the wrong time of year, and this one also shouldn't have left the nest yet. They said they would feed him up until he was strong enough to fly then they'd let him go back to the wild. I hope they are nice to him and he likes his new home - we got kind of attached to the little guy!

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