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Surprised by the power of the Word
by Jo Parkins, 9 years ago (20.20 on Friday, 26th of June, 2009)

I didn't have a good morning. As usual, it started the night before when one of my girls didn't sleep well. Sleep-deprived, I ploughed on through the morning, only to get more and more bogged down by negative thoughts. Accusations were flying round my head thick and fast. Sienna was constipated and every time I put her in her high chair she cried and refused to eat anything, making me feel I was failing at introducing my baby to solids; Scarlett spent the morning in just her nappy because her eczema is bad and I haven't done enough to make it better; when I looked at my weekly schedule I felt bad because I don't have enough friends to hang out with; opening the garage door to put a load of washing on, I was dismayed at the chaos of clothes strewn in front of the washing machine waiting their turn for a wash....the list went on and on.
It was lunch time by the time I was drowning in my own thoughts and sick of feeling bad when I decided to fight back. I thought if I fill my head with something godly, then there won't be any room for the negativity. Usually when my head is spinning I combat it by singing God songs, but I was too tired to sing, so I just said the words from Romans 8 v 1, 'There is no condemnation for those that are in Christ'. And in that instant the accusations stopped! My head cleared and straight away I was able to think positively again. Instead of focusing on all the things that were wrong, I saw my situation in a new light - I thought there will be plenty of time in the future to be busy seeing lots of people but for now I am thankful for the quality time I am able to spend with my girls when I don't have a busy social calendar. From then on, for the rest of the day I felt a whole lot better. Days like today remind me that the Word of God actually works, and maybe I should use it more often!

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