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I need to get out more!
by Jo Parkins, 9 years ago (15.22 on Thursday, 19th of February, 2009)

Yesterday I had a mare of a day. It started the day before, when Sienna, our 9-week old baby wouldn't go to sleep til midnight, then nextdoor had a burglar at 3am which woke us up, then Scarlett woke at 6am, so the day began on the wrong foot. We had just got back from a few days away at my parents' and the washing was in multiple piles all over the house. It was my mission to make a big dint in it but Scarlett, who is 2 and a half and still usually has a 2-hour nap in the afternoon, refused to sleep when I put her in bed. Thus, because she wouldn't sleep, I couldn't sleep, and by mid-afternoon we were both very grumpy, and Sienna wouldn't settle either so I didn't get much washing done! I eventually put both girls in the pram and went out for a walk before I threw something or someone out of the window!
Taking the girls out in the pram to get them to sleep for me is like admitting defeat, as I am usually adamant that beds are for sleeping in, not prams. Sure enough, after 10 mins, both girls were sleeping soundly and I had the opportunity to have some peace and quiet to myself as I struggled to push the tandem buggy along the road heading into town.
As I walked I felt miserable that I couldn't get my act together and my kids had driven me crazy. I was hungry and tired and I needed a wee; I hadn't done my hair or even looked in a mirror, and I'm sure my clothes didn't match either! I didn't want people to look at me and think badly of me, but it soon dawned on me that I was better off than most of the people I passed on the street.
I noticed that some people looked stressed, some lonely, some had obvious health problems and others just looked like nothing nice had happened to them in a long time. I started to catch peoples eyes and smile at them, hoping to bring a little light relief to their day. Most people smiled back, some had a little chat, while others looked away. Regardless of the reactions I got, it all helped me get over myself and be thankful for the loving home I'm walking back to, the health we have as a family, and the many other blessings I enjoy and take for granted. So what if I have the odd bad day with the girls? There's more to life than being a yummy mummy!

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