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It's the small things
by Jo Parkins, 9 years ago (21.22 on Tuesday, 20th of January, 2009)

It's the small things in life that let me know that God is with us. I know most people just attribute something going well to good luck, or chance, but I know the Hand of God when I see it!
Like the other day when I was in M&S exchanging a 3-pack of tops that someone had bought for Scarlett that were too small. I didn't have the receipt, so I needed to do a straight swap for the next size up in the same style. However, when we got to M&S, they were sold out of the size I needed, all except a set of tops with one missing - there were 2 instead of 3 on the hanger! How frustrating.
We don't have much spare cash, and Scarlett is growing out of her clothes at an alarming rate, so I really needed these new tops. I walked around feeling a bit desperate asking God what I should do. I decided to find other tops of the same value and see if they would exchange without a receipt.
Here's the good bit - while I was in the queue, the rack of discarded clothes came into view. I wasn't really looking deliberately, but at the bottom of a big heap of clothes I noticed a stripey pattern like the one on the missing top. I left my place in the queue to check it out, and yes - it was the missing top I'd been needing!
I ran back to the rail, grabbed the set with one top missing, and pushed back into the queue (how un-british of me) and hurriedly put the errant top back with its companions, and handed it to the assistant telling her I wanted to exchange the tops. She didn't bat an eyelid and handed me the new ones with no fuss at all.
If you ask me, God knew my needs and kept the last set of Scarlett's size aside for me!

Another thing - Sienna generally doesn't sleep for long at night between feeds so I count on having an afternoon nap to catch up. The one night she did sleep well was the night before the day I didn't get chance to have an afternoon nap. In my book, that was God being kind, knowing that the next day wouldn't bring any rest.

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