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A new addition to the family
by Matt Parkins, 8 years ago (17.37 on Monday, 15th of December, 2008)

At 9.51pm on Sunday 14th December 2008 Sienna Jo Parkins became the latest addition to the Parkins family. She weighed in at 8lb 15oz.

We waited all day to be induced at the hospital but because they were so busy the induction was delayed 10 hours by which time the baby was on its way anyway. We had, along with lots of our friends, been praying for a simple, non-chemically induced delivery so we are glad we were delayed. The midwife we had was brilliant and Sienna was her 983rd baby. Labour itself lasted about 40 minutes though from contractions to birth was really about 1 hour 20 mins.

We were given the option of going home immediately though Jo decided that she would stay in until the morning. Mother and baby doing are doing well, here are a couple of photos:

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Poster Thread
8 years ago
(19.40 on Tuesday, 16th of December, 2008)
Huge congrats Matt, Jo & Scarlett! And welcome to the world Sienna. Hope you are all well and enjoying the newest member of your family! Love James Jenny & Eviexxx
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